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Rizal Park
Baguio City

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Rizal Park lies adjacent to City Hall, Baguio, and features a memorial obelisk in honor of the hero of the Philippines, Dr. José P. Rizal (1861-96).

Rizal Park, Baguio image

Monument to Dr. José P. Rizal in Rizal Park, Baguio

The park is quite small with a number of garden beds with flowers and shrubs. Previously, the park also had a water pool with many water lilies.

On the obelisk is a bas relief of the head of Dr. Rizal and an inscription that reads as follows:


"Never was the human sentiment of patriotism
magified and elevated to such heights
as in the story of this obscure man of the belittled Malay race."

Constructed by the people
of the City of Baguio and friends.
December 30, 1957.

Dr. Rizal was a medical doctor, a novelist, a linguist and a political theorist, who lived during the Spanish colonial period of the Philippines. He argued that Spanish rule was oppressive and that the Philippines should be become independent. Although he believed in change through non-violence, the Spanish put him on trial for rebellion and sedition, and executed him on December 30, 1896.

Rizal's dedication and sacrifice served as an inspiration for Filipinos to fight for the independence of their country.

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