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Baguio Cathedral
Baguio City

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Rising above the city skyline, Baguio Cathedral with its tall, pastel-colored, twin towers stands on a hill overlooking Session Road. The architectural style is known as "wedding cake Gothic". The front of the building is inscribed in large letters: "Heart of Mary: Immaculate Cathedral".

Baguio Cathedral picture

The cathedral was consecrated in 1936.

Today the Cathedral is quiet and peaceful; but during World War II, it was the scene of some tumultuous events, when it was an evacuation center and later when it sheltered and saved the lives of some 5,000 local people fleeing from the Japanese carpet bombing of Baguio City in 1945. The graves of some of the victims of the bombing may be seen in the cathedral grounds.

To reach Baguio Cathedral from Session Road, you must climb a long concrete staircase lined with dozens of vendors of flowers, candles, rosary beads, balloons, lottery tickets, newspapers, and other items.

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