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Asin Hot Springs
Baguio City

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Strangely enough in Baguio which is the coldest city in the Philippines, there is the unique opportunity to have a relaxing soak in natural thermal (or hot) springs.

These are the Asin Hot Springs (sometimes called just Asin Hot Spring), located about 16 kilometers northwest of Baguio.

Asin Hot Springs, Baguio (image)

Asin Hot Springs, near Baguio

Photo: Ramon F Velasquez

To get there, take a jeepney down the winding Asin Road from Baguio (the ride takes about 45 minutes). The route cuts through lush undergrowth and thick forests, and the scenery is interspersed with the occasional waterfall and hanging bridge.

The Asin Hot Springs consist of a swimming pool and, separately, the hot springs. The hot springs are pools of hot sulphuric water, some of them with the water temperature at almost boiling point.

The Asin Hot Springs are not greatly developed -- and that is part of the attraction: the beautiful peace and quiet of nature without crowds of tourists.

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Author: David Paul Wagner
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