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Located in the west of the island of Mindinao in the southern Philippines, Zamboanga is a large city with over half a million inhabitants.

The city is close to Malaysia and Indonesia, and the population is about 75% Christian and about 25% Muslim.

Fort Pilar, Zamboana image

Fort Pilar, Zamboanga

For tourists, the city is often mainly important as the jumping off point for a trip to the Sulu Archipelago, but there are a number of attractions in Zamboanga, including:
-- Fort Pilar
-- National Museum
-- Pasonanca Park (and Botanical Gardens)
-- Rio Hondo / Taluksangay
-- Justice R. T. Lim Boulevard
-- Santa Cruz Island
-- Samal Island

There are two interesting festivals, the Bale Zamboanga Festival (held on 25-26 February each year) and the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival (held on 10-12 October each year).

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