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Yesterdays in the Philippines
by Joseph Earle Stevens
(1898; revised edition 2006)

Yesterdays in the Philippines front cover


Chapter 1
1a: Leaving "God's Country" (Crossing Pacific Ocean by Steamer) • Hong Kong • Crossing to Luzon • Manila Bay
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1b: First View of the City (Manila) • Earthquake Precautions in Manila • Balconies and Window Gratings • The River Pasig • Promendade on the Malecon • The Old City • The Puente de España • Population
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1c: A Philippine Bed • The English Club in Manila • The Luneta • A Christmas Dinner at the Club
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Chapter 2
2a: Shopping at the "Botica Inglesa" •
The Chit System • Celebrating New Year's Eve • Manila Cooking Arrangements • Floors and Windows • Peculiarities of the Tram Car Service • Roosters Everywhere
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2b: Italian Opera • Philippine Music • The Mercury at 74 Degrees and an Epidemic of "Grippe"
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2c: Fight Between a Bull and a Tiger • A Sorry Fiasco Carnival Sunday
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Chapter 3
3a: A Philippine valet • The Three Days Chinese New Year • Marionettes and Minstrels at Manila • Yankee Skippers
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3b: Furnishing a Bungalow • Rats, Lizards, and Mosquitos • A New Arrival • Pony Races in Santa Mesa
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3c: Cigars and Cheroots • Servants • Cool Mountain Breezes • House-snakes • Cost of Living • Holy Week
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Chapter 4
An Up-Country Excursion. Steaming up the River to the Lake. Legend of the Chinaman and the Crocodile. Santa Cruz and Pansanjan. Dress of the Women. Mountain Gorges and the Rapids.
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Church Processions. Cocoanut Rafts. A "Carromata" Ride to Paquil.
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An Earthquake Lasting Forty-five Seconds. Small-pox and other Diseases in the Philippines.
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The Manila Fire Department. How Thatch Dealers Boom the the Market. Cost of Living.
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Chapter 5
5a: Visit of the Sagamore. Another Mountain Excursion. The Caves of Montalvan. A Hundred-mile View. A Village School.
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5b: A "Fiesta" at Obando. The Manila Fire Tree.

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5c: A Move to the Seashore. A Waterspout. Captain Tayler's Dilemma.

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5d: A Trip Southward. The Lake Taal and its Volcano. Seven Hours of Poling.

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5e: A Night's Sleep in a Hen-coop.

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Chapter 6
6a: First Storm of the Rainy Season. Fourth of July.
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6b: Chinese "Chow" Dogs. Crullers and Pie and a Chinese Cook.
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6c: A Red-letter Day. The China-Japan War.
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6d: Manila Newspapers. General Blanco and the Archbishop.
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6e: An American Fire-Engine and its Lively Trial
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6f: The Coming of the Typhoon. Violence of the Wind. The Floods Next.
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6g: Manila Monotony
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Chapter 7
7a: A Series of Typhoons. A Chinese Feast-day.
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7b: A Bank-holiday Excursion (on the Laguna de Bay). Lost in the Mist. Los Baños. The "Enchanted Lake".
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7c: Six Dollars for a Human Life
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7d: Return to Manila via Los Baños
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7e: A Religious Procession
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7f: Celebration of the Expulsion of the Chinese. Bicycle Races and Fireworks.
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8: A Trip to the South - Contents of the "Puchero" - Romblon - Cebu, the Southern Hemp-centre - Places Touched At - A Rich Indian at Camiguin - Tall Trees - Primitive Hemp Cleaners - A New Volcano - Mindanao Island - Moro Trophies - Iligan - Iloilo - Back Again at Manila
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Club-house Chaff - Christmas Customs and Ceremonies - New Year's Calls - A Dance at the English Club - The Royal Exposition of the Philippines - Fireworks on the King's Fête Day - Electric Lights and the Natives - The Manila Observatory - A Hospitable Governor - The Convent at Antipolo
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10: Exacting Harbor Regulations -The Eleanor Takes French Leave - Loss of the Gravina - Something about the Native Ladies - Ways of Native Servants - A Sculptor who was a Dentist - Across the Way to Orani - Children in Plenty - A Public Execution by the Garotte

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11: Lotteries, Chances, and Mischances - An American Cigarette-making Machine and its Fate - Closing up Business - How the Foreigner Feels Toward Life in Manila - Why the English and the Germans Return - Restlessness among the Natives - Their Persecution - Departure and Farewell

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