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Sagada is a small mountain town north of Baguio that is famous for its caves, its hanging coffins, and attractive local scenery that is great country for hiking and trekking.

The subterranean series of caves (including Matangkib, Sugong, Lumiang, and Sumaging) are best visited with the assistance of a local guide. Some, but not of all of the caves, have been used by the local Igorot people in former times as burial sites (in some caves, you can see wooden coffins still stacked together).

These days the dead are often buried in hanging coffins attached to the side of limestone cliffs. A good place to view these coffins is the Hanging Coffins View Point.

Unfortunately, access to some of the caves is now restricted due to vandalism.

Sagada image

View over Sagada municipality in Mountain Province, the Philippines

The town of Sagada is small and isolated with a cool, alpine climate with many pine trees around the surrounding hills. Its remoteness continues to be ensured by the narrow, bumpy mountainous roads that separate it from the rest of Luzon. The local people live a hardy and simple lifestyle, growing cabbages, carrots and rice.

Sagada does not have a lot of shops or places to stay. This is in fact one of its attractions: it has a reputation with travelers as a quiet and peaceful getaway.

Sagada's natural features (waterfalls, pools, and caves) make it a great trekking and hiking destination. Popular trekking spots include Echo Valley, Bokong Waterfall, Kiltepan Peak, Banga'an, Mt Ampacao, and Mt Polis.

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