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Puerto Galera

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Puerto Galera is a small town in the north of Mindoro island and is the main gateway to the island for visitors from Manila, just a five hours bus ride away (via Batangas City).

Puerto Galera (Spanish for "galleon harbor") takes its name from the Spanish galleons that once sheltered in the town's small harbor.

Puerto Galera

Most visitors simply pass through Puerto Galera on the way to Sabang, White Beach or one of the other secluded beaches to be found nearby. Other visitors are eager to get to the excellent diving and hiking spots on and near the northern coast of Mindoro.

In recent times Sabang Beach has been the most popular spot for foreign visitors, while White Beach has been the most popular spot for local, Filipino visitors. Both Sabang and White Beaches feature numerous bars, restaurants, accommodations for all pockets, and active nightlife.

A golf course above and behind White Beach has wonderful views over Puerto Galera's harbor and over the Verde Island Passage.

The Puerto Galera area was successfully registered as a Man and Biosphere Reserve of UNESCO in 1973. It was also designated as the Philippines listing by Club of the Most Beautiful Bays In The World.

The town of Puerto Galera itself is a quiet little town with just a church, a general store, some eateries, and a pier area.

Unexplored by most tourists are the mountain ranges of central Mindoro. A number of tribes are found in these mountains.

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