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is an island located in the Visayas (the central region of the Philippines). Negros is divided into two provinces, Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental. There is a mountain range right down the middle of the island. People who live in Negros are known as Negrenses.

Negros Oriental (province)

The inhabitants of Negro Oriental are mostly Cebuano speakers. The main city in this province is Bacolod.

Negros Occidental (province)

The inhabitants of Negros Occidental mostly speak Hiligaynon (also known as Ilonggo). The main city in this province is Dumaguete.

Mt Kanlaon (image)

Mount Kalaon, near Bacolod, Negros
(Photo: Studphil)

Economy. Volcanoes and Mountains.

The island of Negros has many sugar plantations and Negros is the main Philippines source of sugar.

Mount Kanlaon (also known as Mount Canlaon and Kanlaon Volcano), near the city of Bacolod, is an active volcano. It is among the most active volcanoes. Negros’ volcanoes are an important source of electricty. There are two geothermal plants on Negros which turn the volcanic energy into electricity:

Two other important mountain peaks -- part from Kanlaon Volcano – are Mount Sitay and Mount Mandalagan.

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