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Learn Tagalog
(Learn Filipino)

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Here are some simple lessons on Tagalog (or Filipino), the official language of the Philippines.

Lesson 1: Greetings

Good morning - Magandang umaga

Good morning - Magandang umaga po

Good afternoon - Magandang hapon

Good afternoon - Magandang hapon po

Good evening - Magandang gabi

Good evening - Magandang gabi po

Good noon, sir - Magandang tanghali po

Good day, sir - Magandang araw po

NOTE: The respectful word "po" (sir; madam) is used when you are speaking to an older person.

Lesson 2: How Are You? Thank You. Goodbye.

How are you? - Kamusta ka?

How are you, sir? - Kamusta po kayo?

Fine - Mabuti

Thanks - Salamat

Don't mention it - Walang anuman

Paalam - Goodbye

Lesson 3: Colors

White - Puti

Black - Itim

Red - Pula

Yellow - Dilaw

Green - Berde

Blue - Asul

Brown - Tsokolate

Lesson 4: Question Words

Who? - Sino?

What? - Ano?

Where? - Saan?

When? - Kailan?

Why? - Bakit?

Magkano? - How much?

Lesson 5: Numbers

Zero (0) - Wala

One (1) - Isa

Two (2) - Dalawa

Threee (3) - Tatlo

Four (4) - Apat

Five (5) - Lima

Six (6) - Anim

Seven (7) - Pito

Eight (8) - Walo

Nine (9) - Siyam

Ten (10) - Sampu

Lesson 6: What Time Is It?

What time is it? - Anong oras na?

What time is it? - Anong oras na po?

(It is) one o'clock - Ala-una

(It is) two o'clock - Alas-dos

(It is) three o'clock - Alas-tres

(It is) four o'clock - Alas-qwatro

(It is) five o'clock - Alas-singko

(It is) six o'clock - Alas-sais

(It is) seven o'clock - Alas-siyete

(It is) eight o'clock - Alas-otso

(It is) nine o'clock - Alas-nwebe

(It is) ten o'clock - Alas-dyes

(It is) eleven o'clock - Alas-onse

(It is) twelve o'clock - Alas-dose

NOTE: When telling the time, Tagalog speakers use numbers based on the names of the numbers in Spanish (uno, dos, tres, cuatro, etc.).

Lesson 7: What Do You Want?

What do you want? - Anong gusto mo?

I want... - Gusto ko ng...

I want water - Gusto ko ng tubig

I want bread - Gusto ko ng tinapay

I want this - Gusto ko ito

I don't want... - Ayoko...

I don't want water - Ayoko ng tubig

I don't want bread - Ayoko ng tinapay

I don't want this - Ayoko nito

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