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It's More Fun in the Philippines

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In 2012 the DOT (Department of Tourism) Philippines launched a campaign centered around the slogan, It's more fun in the Philippines. The campaign's lead video (see below) is itself a lot of fun to watch!

"It's More Fun in the Philippines"

Unfortunately, the video goes so fast that it is a bit hard to catch all the witty wording. So for your enjoyment I have provided a transcript below.

We're a country named after a Spanish King

To which an American general vowed to return,

Or as someone described our history, "300 years in a convent and 50 years in Hollywood".

We're made up of 7,107 big, small, inhabited, tranquil, sandy, mountainous, rocky, foresty, elevated, underwater islands, and one of them, just for picnics. We call them Alabat, Almagro, Antocon, Binalabac, Batquis, Balanguingui, Calabugdong, Carabao, Cacatan, Diadekey, Doong, Deatoboato, El Fraile, Fuga, Guntao, Guimaras, Gingoog, Hermana Mayor, Homonhon, Hegad, Icadambanauan, Inampulungan, Jomalig, Jinto**, Jolo, Kalongkooan, Kaybani, Kang Tipayan Diki, Linapacan, Lapinin, Little Santa Cruz, Masbate, Manicani, Manuk Manka, Naranjo, North Gigante, North Ubian, Oco, Olango, Omapoy, Palaui, Pangangan, Pasegan Gulmba, Quinilugan, Refugio, Remove, Rock, West Nalut.

But you can call us, The Philippines!

You can choose from black sand, brown sand, gray sand, white sand, pink sand. And the world's No. 1 tropical beach is only an hour from Manila.

We have the most species in the least space, of anywhere in the planet. Out of the world's 500 coral species, 488 are here.

Along with 13,500 plant species, 170 bird species and 100 mammal species including the sea cow, whale shark, mouse deer, and an eagle that eats monkeys.

We speak over 100 local languages, but we love playing around with English.

We love food and we love being hospitable. The Filipino word for Hello is "Have you eaten?"

Our waiters love to sing but they leave the dancing to our policemen or flight attendants.

The world's most perfect cone isn't found in an ice cream shop, but in the shape of a volcano. Our chocolate hills are limestone. Our 100 islands resort is actually 400 islands.

Here, a party is called a fiesta. We have rice fiestas, flower fiestas, water fiestas, giant fiestas, mango fiestas, mask fiestas. We have one every day of the year... and everyone's invited.

We have a boxer called Pacman, an actor named Dingdong.

Places called Baybay, Rapu-rapu, Iloilo, Sanga sanga, Tawi-tawi, Potipot, Bongabong, Tingtingong, Coco Loco.

Desserts called Halo-halo, Sapin sapin, and a bird called Maya, and a fish called Maya maya.

You could say we have a sense of humor humor.

People say we're the warmest place on earth because everyone, absolutely everyone, knows how to smile... and have fun.

It's more fun in the Philippines!

A call went out from DOT Philippines for further taglines/themes for the campaign. For example, see the following video:

A number of websites and videos show the many inventive variations that were dreamed up as suggestions for this fun campaign:

The campaign also has seen a series of videos on allied themes, such as It's More Fun in Cebu as well as a media campaign was waged in the major cities around the world (for example, I saw the billboard in Bondi Junction, NSW, Australia with the tagline Commuting's more fun in the Philippines).

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