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Interesting Manila
by George A Miller
(3rd edition, 1912)

Interesting Manila front cover

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The book, Interesting Manila was published during the early years of American rule in the Philippines.

Here are the contents, chapter by chapter:

0. To the Reader
1. Interesting Manila
2. Intramuros
3. A Dream City
4. The Walls of Intramuros
5a. Fort Santiago (1)
5b. Fort Santiago (2)
5c. Fort Santiago (3)
6a. Manila's Churches (1)
6b. Manila's Churches (2)
6c. Manila's Churches (3)
7a. Ruins and Romance (1)
7b. Ruins and Romance (2)
7c. Ruins and Romance (3)
8. Old Organs and Choirs
9. Convent Curios
10. River Life
11. Filipino Industries
12. Street Life
13. Filipino Home Life
14. Side Trips About Manila
15. The New Philippines

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