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Philippine Military Academy
Baguio City

Philippines Military Academy image

Handpainted sign at the Philippine Military Academy, Baguio

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The United States has its top military academy at West Point; and in the Philippines the top military school is the Philippine Military Academy (or PMA).

The Philippine Military Academy trains the future officers of the Philippine Army, Navy, and Air Force, in accordance with the mission statement: "To instruct, train, and develop the cadets so that they will possess the character, the broad and basic military skills, and the education essential to the pursuit of a progressive military career."

The PMA is located at the Fort del Pilar, Loakan, which is just 10 kilometers (6 miles) from Baguio City.

The PMA is a popular tourist attraction. It is open for visits during daylight hours, seven days a week. On Saturday mornings the Cadet Corps have a parade and review, including the always impressive precision marching.

Cadets marching at PMA image

Philippine Military Academy cadets marching in traditional uniforms

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